Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Earn Monthly Dividends By Solar Powering Schools, Businesses and Communities

Join the Sun Exchange today and start generating and selling clean energy online through a global solar cell leasing platform. All from anywhere on the planet.

Sourcing our Solar Projects
Sun Exchange identifies schools, businesses and organisations that want to go solar. Our solar engineers work with local solar construction partners to carefully evaluate proposed solar projects and ensure they meet our core criteria:

* Economic and technical viability
* Social and environmental responsibility

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View Upcoming Solar Projects Here

Buying Solar Cells
Once solar projects have been accepted as viable and responsible, we run a crowd sale for the solar cells that will power the project. Any individual or organisation, anywhere in the world, can sign up to be a Sun Exchange member and buy solar cells, even starting with a single solar cell.

Your solar cells will:

* Generate clean energy
* Make a positive social and environmental impact
* Earn income as you lease them to schools, businesses and other organisations
* Reduce your carbon footprint for years to come

  Tip: Buy solar cells in the local currency of the project using credit card, bank transfer, Sun Exchange  
   wallet or Bitcoin (BTC).

Installing Solar Cells
Once a solar cell crowd sale sells out (they go quickly!), installation of the solar project begins. The appointed local construction partners install your solar cells, which typically takes four to six weeks, but can be longer for larger projects.

Tip: Track the status of your solar cells through your Sun Exchange dashboard.

Effortless Solar Income
Generate and sell clean energy. Schools, businesses and organisations pay you to use the clean electricity your solar cells produce. Your lease starts when your solar cells start generating electricity.

You’ll receive your monthly solar income, net of insurance and servicing fees, into your Sun Exchange wallet in your choice of the local currency of the project or Bitcoin (BTC).

Your Sun Exchange dashboard keeps you up to date on:

* Solar project status updates
* Our solar cell earnings (BTC and ZAR)
* The clean energy your solar cells generate (kWh)
* The amount of carbon your solar cells offset (kg CO2)
* Your Sun Exchange wallet balance, payments and withdrawals

  Tip: The monthly income you accumulate in your Sun Exchange wallet can be used to buy more solar cells
   in other solar projects.

Start earning monetized sunshine and offset your carbon footprint, while powering schools, businesses and communities through Sun Exchange.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

What's next for Bitcoin....$56k or $16k?

Bitcoin traders and enthusiasts are riding the wave after the incredible rally from $9,000 to $42,000 throughout the 4th quarter in 2020. It certainly was an incredible run, more than quadrupling in value in less than three months.

Now we find ourselves in an early 2021 corrective phase which will end in either another Breakout/Rally attempt or an Excess Phase (Blow off) Top.

This article highlights both potential outcomes because at this stage it is difficult to determine a single high-probability outcome.

What a Bitcoin Breakout Would Look Like....Read Here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Bitcoin Rally Similarities - Is This The Peak?

The recent rally in Bitcoin is strangely similar to the rally that took place in 2017. Although the range of price throughout the rally is somewhat different, the structure of price throughout the rally phase is very similar. Our researchers believe this similarity suggests a peak may be forming in Bitcoin and the big volume on Monday, December 21, 2020, may have represented a “blow off peak” in price.

Bitcoin 2017 Peak Structure

The following Weekly Bitcoin chart highlights the three rally phases that took place before the peak level was reached in December 2017. Pay very close attention to the structure you are seeing on this chart and the highlights we’ve made to help you understand how the price structure is being mirrored in the current rally phase....Read More Here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Bitcoin Rallies Above 20k Targeting 23k or Higher

In an incredible display of support, Bitcoin rallied above $20k early in the morning on December 16. This upside breakout move coincided with a very strong Fibonacci Price Amplitude resistance arc originating from the low price level near March 20th. The implications of this upside breakout suggest Bitcoin may continue to rally higher targeting levels just above the $23k level ($23,150).

Cryptos are experiencing a price rally that is similar to what happened in 2016 and 2017. The enthusiasm for these decentralized alternate assets continues to climb as traditional hedge assets, like Gold, Silver, and others, have stalled recently. What we find interesting is the correlation between Bitcoin price advances and Precious Metal price cycles.

Price Energy Waves Align Near December 28th, 2020

Our latest research article suggests the long term US stock market cycle has transitioned into a Depreciation phase – where US stock market price levels are likely to trade in extremely volatile, possibly sideways/downside, trends over the next 5+ years. If our research is correct, global investors will search for assets that buck this trend in an attempt to seek out greater Alpha....Continue Reading Here.